Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lung Ching

For my training at DAVIDsTEA, I have been asked to create presentation on Chinese green teas, so I figured, why not do my first tasting blog on a Chinese green tea?
So here it is, Lung Ching – best known as Dragonwell, but is also called Fragrant Forest Mist, Bai Yun…the list goes on. Dragonwell is one of those tea house staples, everyone will have it, but each one you try will be a little different! The Dragonwell from Elixir Fine Tea is by far my favorite that I have tried (not because I work there!)

Here's what the Elixir website has to say about it:
China's most famous style of green tea offers a balance of fresh spring high notes and smooth toasted flavours. Refreshing with a bittersweet finish and roasted chestnut aroma.

More info here!

Liquor & Infusion

I'm personally not as familiar with Chinese greens as I am with Japanese greens, but I really enjoy them. Chinese and Japanese green teas are very different from eachother. Chinese green teas are wok or pan fried after drying (and oxidation in some cases) where Japanese greens are steamed. It is very easy to tell the difference between these teas just by looking at them. Japanese greens will usually be a very deep, rich green colour, like grass, where Chinese green teas tend to be darker and more muted in colour.

Here's what I thought:
Here's a better look at the
colour of the liquor.
With each sip, I experienced a very full & rich mouth feel, and a very creamy taste and texture. I am reminded of eating a rich, creamy pasta. The flavor is sweet and grassy, with fruity undertones. I think of apricots when I drink this particular Lung Ching. After I swallow, I notice a slight, underlying bitterness & the creamyness is replaced by a lasting numb sensation on the tip of my tongue.

I make it a rule for myself to not read the description or ask what other people think until until after I've tasted a tea, so I can develop my own ideas. Everyone is different, and everyone's palate is different. I think it's awesome, it's what makes tasting teas (especially with friends) so fun!

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