Tuesday, August 3, 2010

High Mountain Oolong

Some connoisseurs claim that this is the ultimate masterpiece in the art of Chinese tea. It’s grown in the Taiwanese mountains, where cool morning dew is quickly dispelled by hot sun, creating a leaf that’s richly flavourful. To release the precious oils, it’s rolled and partially dried over and over again in a meticulous, handmade process requiring a tea master. So delicate, so pungent, so alluring.

A few months back, I went on a day trip to Edmonton with some friends. On this trip, I made my very first visit to DAVIDsTEA. While I was there I purchased the High Mountain Oolong, just for something new and different. Since then, I have probably tried it 3 or 4 times on different occasions.

I have to say, I wasn't all that fond of it at first, but I find that it is starting to grow on me, mostly because it's so darn confusing. The colour of the leaves is quite light, as is the liquor when it's brewed, and it smells light and slightly floral, but the flavor is actually quite roasty, like you might expect from a much darker oolong tea. It's not as delicate as it lets on! I don't love it yet, but I have to admit that I'm fascinated with it. This is the amazing thing about oolongs - nothing is impossible when it comes to flavor!

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